2023年8月の気になるニュース / Interesting News in August 2023

Bill Gates isn’t too scared about AI

Bill Gates has joined the chorus of big names in tech who have weighed in on the question of risk around artificial intelligence. The billionaire business magnate and philanthropist made his case in a post on his personal blog GatesNotes today. According to Gates, AI is “the most transformative technology any of us will see in our lifetimes.” That puts it above the internet, smartphones, and personal computers, the technology he did more than most to bring into the world. Gates was one of dozens of high-profile figures to sign a statement put out by the San Francisco–based Center for AI Safety a few weeks ago, which reads, in full: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.” But there’s no fearmongering in today’s blog post. In fact, existential risk doesn’t get a look in. Instead, Gates frames the debate as one pitting “longer-term” against “immediate” risk, and chooses to focus on “the risks that are already present, or soon will be.”


Tony Bennett, the legendary pop and jazz singer, has died at the age of 96. He passed away in his hometown of New York on July 21, 2023, after a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Bennett was known for songs such as “The Way You Look Tonight,” “Body and Soul,” and “(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco”. He also collaborated with star performers from Lady Gaga to Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra, who called him “the best singer in the business”. During a career that spanned eight decades, Bennett sold millions of records and won 20 Grammys, including a lifetime achievement award. His death was confirmed by his publicist Sylvia Weiner in a statement to the Associated Press. Sir Elton John, Carole King, and Hilary Clinton were among those paying tribute to Bennett on social media. The White House released a statement saying that “Tony Bennett didn’t just sing the classics – he himself was an American classic” and praising his enduring contributions to American life.

トニー・ベネットさんが96歳で亡くなりました。伝説的なポップ・ジャズ歌手であり、彼は「The Way You Look Tonight」「Body and Soul」「(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco」などの曲で知られています。彼はLady GagaからAretha Franklin、Frank Sinatraまでのスターとコラボレーションし、フランク・シナトラは彼を「ビジネスで最高の歌手」と呼びました。8つのディケードにわたるキャリアで、ベネットは数百万枚のレコードを売り上げ、生涯功労賞を含む20のグラミー賞を受賞しました。彼の死は、彼の広報シルビア・ワイナーによって関連報道機関に発表されました。エルトン・ジョン卿、キャロル・キング、ヒラリー・クリントンなどがソーシャルメディアでベネットさんに敬意を表しました。ホワイトハウスは声明を発表し、「トニー・ベネットは古典的な曲を歌っただけでなく、彼自身がアメリカの古典的な存在だった」と述べ、アメリカ生活への彼の持続的な貢献を称賛しました。

– The article is about a woman named Niamh McCann who met Sinéad O’Connor in 2019 and became her friend and collaborator.
– Niamh was working as a sound engineer at the time and was asked to work with Sinéad on her new album.
– The two women hit it off immediately and spent many hours talking and working together.
– Niamh describes Sinéad as a very kind, generous, and talented person who is also very funny and down-to-earth.
– She says that they had many deep conversations about life, love, and music, and that they became very close over the course of the year they spent working together.
– The article also talks about some of the challenges that Sinéad has faced in her life, including mental health issues and a difficult childhood.
– Despite these challenges, Niamh says that Sinéad is an incredibly strong person who has overcome many obstacles in her life.
– Overall, the article is a touching tribute to the friendship between these two women and the power of music to bring people together.

– この記事は、2019年にSinéad O’Connorに出会い、彼女の友人兼共同制作者になったNiamh McCannについてです。
– 当時、Niamhはサウンドエンジニアとして働いており、新しいアルバムの制作でSinéadと一緒に仕事をするよう依頼されました。
– 2人はすぐに意気投合し、多くの時間を話し合い、一緒に仕事をしました。
– NiamhはSinéadを非常に親切で寛大で才能があり、また非常に面白くて地に足の着いた人物だと説明しています。
– 彼女は、彼らが人生、愛、音楽について多くの深い会話をし、一緒に過ごした1年間で非常に親密になったと述べています。
– 記事では、Sinéadが抱える精神的な問題や厳しい幼少期など、彼女が直面した課題についても触れています。
– これらの課題にもかかわらず、NiamhはSinéadが人生で多くの障害を乗り越えた非常に強い人物であると述べています。
– 全体的に、この記事は2人の女性の友情と音楽の力を称える感動的なものです。


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