The Japanese House “In The End It Always Does” – Brief Summary & Review –


The Japanese House’s latest album “In The End It Always Does” was released on June 30, 2023, through Dirty Hit. The album consists of 12 tracks and is available on vinyl, CD, and digital platforms. Some of the tracks include “Spot Dog,” “Touching Yourself,” “Sad to Breathe,” “Over There,” “Morning Pages,” “Boyhood,” “Indexical reminder of a morning well spent,” “Friends,” “Sunshine Baby,” “Baby goes again,” “You always get what you want,” and “One for sorrow, two for Joni Jones”. The album’s sound is a mix of alternative pop and indie pop. The album has been compared to their previous releases, with some critics noting that it is a more mature and polished effort than their previous work.

For me, the album scores 70/100. While it has some good tracks, it sounds like H&M music. The album has received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics praised the album for its vocal harmonies and imaginative sound, while others criticized it for being too derivative of their previous work.

The Japanese Houseの最新アルバム「In The End It Always Does」は、Dirty Hitを通じて2023年6月30日にリリースされました。このアルバムには、12曲が収録されており、レコード、CD、デジタルプラットフォームで入手可能です。いくつかのトラックには、「Spot Dog」「Touching Yourself」「Sad to Breathe」「Over There」「Morning Pages」「Boyhood」「Indexical reminder of a morning well spent」「Friends」「Sunshine Baby」「Baby goes again」「You always get what you want」、「One for sorrow, two for Joni Jones」が含まれています。このアルバムのサウンドは、オルタナティブポップとインディーポップのミックスです。このアルバムは以前のリリースと比較されており、一部の批評家は以前の作品よりも成熟していて磨きがかかっていると指摘しています。



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