New Songs This Week on 06/09/2024

aespa – Supernova

“Supernova” by aespa is a dance hyper-pop track from their album “Armageddon,” released on May 13, 2024. Produced by Kenzie, Paris Alexa, and Dem Jointz, it samples “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force. The song’s heavy kicks, bass, catchy top lines, and synth melodies create a vibrant soundscape. Its lyrics compare the start of an event opening a door to another dimension to a supernova, signifying a major explosion in aespa’s expanded worldview¹. It’s a cross-genre banger that fuses pop, dance, hip-hop, and electronic music.

aespaの「Supernova」は、アルバム「Armageddon」からのダンスハイパーポップトラック。Kenzie、Paris Alexa、Dem Jointzがプロデュース。歌詞は、別次元への扉の開始を超新星に例え、aespaの世界観を表現している。

Caroline Polachek – Starburned and Unkissed

“Starburned and Unkissed” by Caroline Polachek is a grunge track produced by A.G. Cook, featured on the soundtrack for the film “I Saw the TV Glow.” Released on May 10, 2024, the song delves into the complexities of long-distance relationships and the digital connection. Its lyrics evoke a sense of yearning and emotional distance, with haunting refrains like “My heart’s a ghost limb reaching.” The sound is a departure from Polachek’s usual style, with a raw, anthemic quality that mirrors the film’s psychological themes.

カロライン・ポラチェックの「スターバーンド・アンド・アンキスト」は、映画「I Saw the TV Glow」のサウンドトラックに収録されているグランジトラックです。A.G.クックがプロデュースし、遠距離恋愛とデジタルコネクションの複雑さを掘り下げています。歌詞は、切望と感情的な距離感を呼び起こします。

Carver Jones – GET OUT OF BED

“GET OUT OF BED” by Carver Jones is an energetic indie pop track that encourages listeners to seize the day. Produced by Alec Allhijjawi and distributed by Venice Music, the song features a catchy melody and upbeat rhythm. The lyrics, while simple, carry a motivational message about overcoming lethargy and embracing life’s opportunities. With its vibrant sound and positive theme, the song has become a morning anthem for many fans.

カーバー・ジョーンズの「GET OUT OF BED」は、聴く人に活力を与えるインディーポップトラックです。アレック・アルヒジャウィがプロデュースし、ヴェニスミュージックから配信。朝のアンセムとして多くのファンに愛されています。

Coco Jones – Here We Go (Uh Oh)

“Here We Go (Uh Oh)” by Coco Jones is a soulful R&B track that samples Lenny Williams’ “Cause I Love You.” Produced by Cardiak and WU10, the song was released on May 3, 2024, and explores the tumultuous cycle of a past relationship. The lyrics express the struggle to move on and the recurring interference of an ex-lover every time Coco tries to find new love. The sound is described as classic yet refreshing, with a high energy that’s danceable, reflecting the emotional rollercoaster depicted in the song.

ココ・ジョーンズの「Here We Go (Uh Oh)」は、レニー・ウィリアムズの「Cause I Love You」をサンプリングしたR&Bトラック。カーディアックとWU10がプロデュースし、2024年5月3日にリリースされた。過去の関係の絶え間ないサイクルを表現している。


“FAMILY MATTERS” by Drake is a hard-hitting diss track blending hip hop, trap, and drill genres. Released on May 3, 2024, it’s produced by a team including Boi-1da, Tay Keith, Mark Ronson, and others. The song targets several rappers, intensifying Drake’s feud with Kendrick Lamar. It’s a personal and aggressive lyrical journey, accusing Lamar of hypocrisy and other misdeeds. The track’s sound is characterized by its sharp beats and confrontational energy, reflecting the tension in its lyrics.

ドレイクの「FAMILY MATTERS」は、ヒップホップ、トラップ、ドリルを融合したディス曲。2024年5月3日にリリースされ、ボーイ1ダ、テイ・キース、マーク・ロンソンらがプロデュース。歌詞は、ケンドリック・ラマーへの攻撃で、対立を激化させている。

Eva & Damso – Déjà Vu

“Déjà Vu” by Eva & Damso is a powerful collaboration that blends R&B with hip-hop elements. Produced by Damso, Paco Del Rosso, Jules Fradet, and Gandhi, the song was released on May 3, 2024, as part of Eva’s album “Page Blanche.” The lyrics explore themes of resilience and self-discovery, with a focus on overcoming personal struggles. The track stands out for its poignant lyrics and the seamless fusion of Eva’s melodic voice with Damso’s rhythmic flow.


Jessica Pratt – The Last Year

“The Last Year” by Jessica Pratt is a contemplative folk-pop single produced by Pratt herself alongside Al Carlson. Released on April 30, 2024, it’s the closing track of her album “Here In The Pitch.” The song features Pratt’s signature ethereal vocals and introspective lyrics, reflecting on time and change. It’s a poignant narrative of personal growth and hope amidst life’s uncertainties, underscored by a delicate guitar and a sweeping piano melody.

ジェシカ・プラットの「The Last Year」は、彼女自身とアル・カールソンがプロデュースしたフォークポップ曲。2024年4月30日にリリースされ、アルバム「Here In The Pitch」の締めくくりの曲です。変化と時間についての内省的な歌詞が特徴です。

Kehlani – After Hours

“After Hours” by Kehlani is a vibrant dance-pop track that marks a departure from her usual R&B style. Released on April 4, 2024, it’s produced by Lionel Bermingham and Elijah Wells, featuring a sample of Nina Sky’s “Move Ya Body.” The song is a summer anthem with an upbeat tempo, perfect for club settings. It explores themes of desire and intimacy, inviting a love interest to stay beyond the usual time constraints.


Kendrick Lamar – Not Like Us

“Not Like Us” by Kendrick Lamar is a West Coast hip-hop track with hyphy influences, produced by Mustard, Sounwave, and Sean Momberger. Released on May 4, 2024, amidst Lamar’s feud with Drake, it’s a diss track that continues the themes of their rivalry. The lyrics double down on allegations against Drake and critique the exploitation of culture for profit. It’s known for its prominent bassline, lively brass, and finger snaps, combining a hard-hitting sound with sharp social commentary.

ケンドリック・ラマーの「Not Like Us」は、ウェストコーストヒップホップでハイフィー影響を受けています。マスタード、サウンウェーブ、ショーン・モンバーガーがプロデュース。ドレイクとの確執を背景にリリースされ、文化の搾取を批判しています。

Parannoul – Gold River

“Gold River” by Parannoul is a noise rock single that reflects on the passage of time and the memories of a past relationship. Released on May 9, 2024, it was produced, written, and mixed by Parannoul himself. The song’s lyrics reminisce about the beauty of a sunrise tainted by memories, and despite time moving on, the singer can’t forget the golden moments shared with a past love. The track is characterized by its emotional depth and the artist’s signature shoegaze influence, creating a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and raw.


Rapsody feat. Erykah Badu – 3:AM

“3:AM” by Rapsody featuring Erykah Badu is a soulful hip-hop track produced by Lonestarrmuzik, Marc Bridges, and S1. Released as part of Rapsody’s album “Please Don’t Cry,” the song features a blend of flute, guitar, horns, and keyboards, contributing to its rich sound. The lyrics delve into intimate late-night reflections, exploring themes of love, trust, and the comfort found in a deep connection with a partner. The track stands out for its heartfelt delivery over a smooth, soulful arrangement, resonating with listeners through its honest and relatable narrative.


Tems – Love Me JeJe

“Love Me JeJe” by Tems is a soulful track that intertwines R&B with Afrobeats, produced by GuiltyBeatz and Spax. Released on April 25, 2024, it’s the second single from her debut album “Born in the Wild.” The song, which samples Seyi Sodimu’s 1997 hit “Love Me Jeje,” explores themes of gentle, unconditional love and cultural richness, with lyrics that express deep affection and longing. Its soft, guitar-spotted groove adds to the track’s soothing vibe.

テムズの「Love Me JeJe」は、ギルティビーツとスパックスがプロデュースしたR&Bとアフロビーツを融合した曲。1997年のヒット曲をサンプリングし、優しく無条件の愛をテーマにしている。心地よいギターグルーヴが特徴。


“MILLION DOLLAR BABY” by Tommy Richman is an R&B synth-funk track that became his breakthrough hit after its release on April 26, 2024. Produced by Max Vossberg, Jonah Roy, Mannyvelli, Sparkheem, and Kavi, the song features a unique blend of Southern trap hi-hats, synths, and a psychedelic sound. The lyrics convey themes of ambition, self-worth, and loyalty, with a narrative about striving for success and recognition in a bustling city. It’s a lyrical confession of determination and unrequited visibility, wrapped in a vibe that’s both introspective and assertive.

トミー・リッチマンの「MILLION DOLLAR BABY」は、2024年4月26日にリリースされたR&Bシンセファンク曲。プロデューサーはマックス・ヴォスバーグ、ジョナ・ロイ、マニヴェリ、スパークヒーム、カヴィ。野心と自己価値をテーマにしている。

WILLOW feat. St. Vincent – Pain for Fun

“Pain for Fun” by WILLOW featuring St. Vincent is a genre-defying track produced by WILLOW and Chris Greatti. Released on May 3, 2024, it’s a blend of rock, R&B, pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds. The song’s lyrics explore the paradox of feeling pain as a form of pleasure, with a deep emotional resonance that reflects on the need for connection and the complexity of human emotions. It’s a poignant piece that captures the essence of modern alternative music with its eclectic mix of genres and introspective theme.



“Hot” by ZEINA is a sultry R&B track with a modern twist, produced by Loshendrix and Earwulf. Released on April 3, 2024, it’s a song that captures the intensity of desire and the heat of a passionate encounter. The lyrics are about the overwhelming sensations and emotions that come with a deep attraction, with a chorus that emphasizes the song’s title with lines like “The temperature fire / And it’s hot, hot, hot, hot”. It’s a track that combines Zeina’s smooth vocals with a beat that’s both catchy and evocative of the song’s steamy theme.



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