New Songs This Week on 06/02/2024

Adrianne Lenker – Ruined

“Ruined” by Adrianne Lenker, a track from her album “Bright Future,” is a poignant ballad that delves into themes of love and heartbreak. Produced by Lenker herself alongside Phil Weinrobe, the song features a minimalist arrangement with a haunting piano melody that underscores its emotional weight. The lyrics express a deep sense of longing and the transformative power of love, painting a picture of a person whose presence is both intoxicating and overwhelming, leaving the narrator feeling ‘ruined.’ It’s a tender, introspective piece that resonates with the vulnerability of Lenker’s songwriting.


Beyoncé & Dolly Parton – TYRANT

“TYRANT” is a collaboration between Beyoncé and Dolly Parton, featured on the album “COWBOY CARTER.” The song is produced by d.a. got that dope, Dave Hamelin, and Khirye Tyler. It’s a powerful anthem that blends genres, with a sound that’s both modern and reminiscent of classic country, reflecting Parton’s influence. The lyrics explore themes of power, control, and desire, presenting a narrative of a woman confronting a metaphorical ‘hangman’—a figure who has wronged her. Beyoncé’s commanding delivery and Parton’s vivid storytelling create a dynamic track that’s both confrontational and resilient.

「TYRANT」は、ビヨンセとドリー・パートンのコラボレーションで、アルバム「COWBOY CARTER」に収録されています。プロデューサーはd.a. got that dope、Dave Hamelin、Khirye Tylerです。パワフルなアンセムで、ジャンルを超えたサウンドが特徴です。歌詞は、力、支配、欲望のテーマを探求し、女性が過去に彼女を裏切ったメタファー的な「ハングマン」と対峙する物語を描いています。

Bladee, Ecco2k & Thaiboy Digital – TL;DR

“TL;DR” is a track by Bladee, Ecco2k, and Thaiboy Digital, produced by Whitearmor. Released on April 12, 2024, it’s a part of the cloud rap and trap genre, characterized by its dark, trippy synth sounds that create an immersive atmosphere. The lyrics delve into themes of fame, isolation, and the complexities of the music industry, painting a picture of artists who are misunderstood and underappreciated, yet find solace in their artistry and camaraderie. The song’s title, “TL;DR,” which stands for “too long; didn’t read,” reflects the modern internet culture of information overload and the desire for brevity.

「TL;DR」はBladee、Ecco2k、Thaiboy Digitalによるトラックで、プロデューサーはWhitearmorです。2024年4月12日にリリースされたこの曲は、クラウドラップとトラップジャンルに属し、暗くトリッピーなシンセサウンドが特徴的です。歌詞は、名声、孤独、音楽業界の複雑さのテーマを探り、誤解されがちでありながらも、自分たちの芸術性と仲間意識に慰めを見出すアーティストの姿を描いています。

Charly Bliss – Nineteen

“Nineteen” by Charly Bliss is a track from their album “Forever,” released on May 1, 2024. The song was produced by Sam Hendricks, Lupin, and Caleb Wright. It falls under the alt-pop genre and features a nostalgic narrative about youthful love and heartbreak. The lyrics recount memories of being nineteen and the intense emotions associated with first love, capturing the pain and beauty of that time. The sound is characterized by a blend of energetic guitar riffs and evocative vocals, creating a poignant yet catchy melody that resonates with the theme of the song.


Daddy Yankee – LOVEO

“LOVEO” by Daddy Yankee is a vibrant track blending reggaetón with Christian pop elements, released on May 3, 2024. Produced by Xound, it marks a transformative journey in Daddy Yankee’s career, infusing his music with spirituality and faith. The song’s genre is a fusion of Latin Urban and Christian Latin Pop, showcasing Daddy Yankee’s signature sound with a powerful message of love and spirituality. The lyrics reflect an introspective journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of love and support from a partner, guiding through life’s challenges and celebrating personal growth.


Gracie Abrams – Risk

“Risk” by Gracie Abrams, from her album “The Secret of Us,” is a heartfelt single released on May 1, 2024. Co-written with Audrey Hobert and produced alongside Aaron Dessner, the song showcases Abrams’ acoustic-pop style with a touch of emotional depth. The lyrics speak of the daring leap into unrequited love, embracing the vulnerability and the thrill of the unknown. It’s a narrative of taking chances in love, even when the outcome is uncertain, reflecting Abrams’ growth as an artist and her willingness to explore the complexities of emotions.


HyunA – Q&A

“Q&A” by HyunA is a captivating song from her EP “Attitude,” released on May 2, 2024. The track, produced by GroovyRoom and LDN Noise, showcases HyunA’s versatility, blending UK garage and house sounds with K-pop elements. The song is composed in A-flat minor with a tempo of 130 beats per minute, creating an upbeat yet emotional tone. The lyrics depict an intense romance, inviting listeners into a game of love and questions, where HyunA’s vocals express a desire to know and be closer to the object of her affection.

「Q&A」は、2024年5月2日にリリースされたHyunAのEP「Attitude」に収録されている魅力的な曲です。GroovyRoomとLDN Noiseがプロデュースし、UKガラージとハウスサウンドをK-POPの要素と融合させたHyunAの多様性を示しています。Aフラットマイナーで構成され、1分間に130ビートのテンポで、アップビートでありながら感情的なトーンを作り出しています。歌詞は、激しいロマンスを描き、愛と質問のゲームにリスナーを招待し、HyunAのボーカルが愛情の対象を知り、より近づきたいという願望を表現しています。

Johnny Yukon – MADNESS!

“MADNESS!” by Johnny Yukon is a song that captures the chaotic beauty of living on the edge. Released on May 3, 2024, and self-produced by Yukon, it’s a blend of psychedelic and indie rock with a raw, introspective edge. The lyrics are a vivid portrayal of escapism through substance use, reflecting on the highs and lows of such experiences. It’s a journey through a mind altered by LSD, where reality blurs and every moment is intensified. The song’s upbeat tempo and Yukon’s passionate delivery make it an anthem for those who find madness in their method.



“OKAY” by JT is a bold hip-hop track that exudes confidence and resilience. Released as part of her album “City Cinderella,” the song was produced by Akachi, Dayzel the Machine, DJ Ryno, and others. It features a trap beat with Southern hip-hop and crunk influences, creating an empowering anthem that celebrates overcoming past struggles and asserting self-worth. The lyrics, co-written by JT, Lasana Smith, Hunter Brown, and Ernest Day Jr., reflect JT’s journey from hardship to success, emphasizing her triumph over doubters and her unapologetic self-assertion.

「OKAY」はJTによるヒップホップトラックで、自信と回復力を放っています。アルバム「シティ・シンデレラ」の一部としてリリースされ、Akachi、Dayzel the Machine、DJ Rynoなどがプロデュース。トラップビートとサザンヒップホップ、クランクの影響を受けたエンパワーメントアンセムで、過去の苦難を乗り越え、自己価値を主張することを祝っています。

Kaneee feat. Daichi Yamamoto – ヤバいな

“ヤバいな” by Kaneee featuring Daichi Yamamoto is a standout track with a Memphis rap sound, produced by ZOT on the WAVE and Homunculu$. Released on April 24, 2024, it showcases Kaneee’s unique flow and Daichi Yamamoto’s sharp rap skills. The song’s lyrics theme revolves around defiance and the grind of the rap game, reflecting on the artists’ journey and the hustle required to make it in the industry. It’s a testament to their hard work and a declaration of their presence in the rap scene.

「ヤバいな」は、KaneeeとDaichi Yamamotoのコラボレーションで、ZOT on the WAVEとHomunculu$によってプロデュースされたメンフィスラップのトラックです。2024年4月24日にリリースされ、KaneeeのユニークなフローとDaichi Yamamotoの鋭いラップスキルを披露しています。歌詞のテーマは、業界で成功するための奮闘とアーティストの旅を反映した反抗と奮闘を中心に展開しています。

Kendrick Lamar – Euphoria

“Euphoria” by Kendrick Lamar is a diss track with a hardcore hip hop and trap sound, released on April 30, 2024. Produced by Cardo, Kyuro, Johnny Juliano, Sounwave, and Yung Exclusive, the song is a response to Drake’s singles “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” It features an extended intro with a sample from Teddy Pendergrass’s song “You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration.” The lyrics are a critique of the entertainment industry, addressing themes of manipulation, authenticity, and rivalry, particularly focusing on Lamar’s feud with Drake.


NewJeans – Bubble Gum

“Bubble Gum” by NewJeans is a pop track with a city pop revival sound, released on May 24, 2024, as a B-side to “How Sweet.” Produced by 250, Oscar Bell, and Sophie Simmons, the song features lyrics in English and Korean. It’s an upbeat, nostalgic tune that captures the essence of youthful exuberance and the sweetness of new love. The music video, directed by Youngeum Lee, showcases the group enjoying summer activities, emphasizing the song’s playful and carefree vibe. The lyrics theme revolves around heart-pounding excitement and the tender feelings of a budding relationship.

「バブルガム」は、NewJeansによるポップトラックで、2024年5月24日に「How Sweet」のB面としてリリースされました。プロデューサーは250、オスカー・ベル、ソフィー・シモンズです。この曲は、若々しい活気と新しい愛の甘さを捉えた、アップビートで懐かしい曲です。ユンギュム・リーが監督したミュージックビデオは、グループが夏の活動を楽しむ様子を映し出し、曲の遊び心と無邪気な雰囲気を強調しています。歌詞のテーマは、ドキドキする興奮と芽生える関係の優しい感情を中心に展開しています。

Ravyn Lenae – Love Me Not

“Love Me Not” by Ravyn Lenae is a soul-stirring track from her album “Bird’s Eye,” released on May 3, 2024. The song is produced by Dahi, Spencer Stewart, Ritz Reynolds, and Craig Balmoris. It’s a blend of contemporary R&B, neo-soul, and pop rock, with a sound that captures the complexities of romantic relationships. The lyrics convey the push-and-pull dynamics of love, expressing longing, uncertainty, and the fluctuating feelings of needing someone yet feeling overwhelmed by their presence. It’s a narrative that resonates with the emotional turmoil of love’s uncertainties.


Shaboozey – A Bar Song (Tipsy)

“A Bar Song (Tipsy)” by Shaboozey is a lively country song that hit the charts on April 12, 2024. Produced by Sean Cook and Nevin Sastry, it features an interpolation of J-Kwon’s 2004 hit “Tipsy” and has a narrative about letting loose at a bar to escape the frustrations of a hard job. The song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus have made it a party anthem, celebrating the joy of camaraderie and the carefree spirit of weekend nights. It’s a track that encourages living in the moment and enjoying the company of friends, with a nod to classic party tunes.

「A Bar Song (Tipsy)」は、シャブージーによるカントリーソングで、2024年4月12日にチャート入りしました。ショーン・クックとネビン・サストリーがプロデュースし、J-Kwonの2004年のヒット曲「Tipsy」を取り入れています。仕事のストレスをバーで解放する物語で、パーティーアンセムとなっています。

The Blessed Madonna feat. Clementine Douglas – Happier

“Happier” by The Blessed Madonna, featuring Clementine Douglas, is a dance track that intertwines upbeat rhythms with reflective lyrics. Released on February 2, 2024, the song was produced by Clementine Douglas, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Pat Alvarez, and The Blessed Madonna herself. It samples Rammstein’s “Du hast” and falls into the deep house genre. The lyrics revolve around the theme of letting go and wishing well for a past love, navigating the complexities of moving on and desiring happiness for an ex-partner. It’s a bittersweet anthem that resonates with the emotional depth of love lost.



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