Killer Mike “MICHAEL”


Killer Mike’s long-awaited sixth studio album, “MICHAEL,” is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the Atlanta rapper delivers some of his most powerful and personal lyrics to date, addressing issues such as poverty, police brutality, and systemic racism. On the other hand, the album is uneven, with some tracks feeling overproduced and lacking in focus.

The album’s highlights include the opening track, “DOWN BY LAW,” a powerful ode to the Black Lives Matter movement; “SHED TEARS,” a soulful ballad about grief and loss; and “RUN,” a hard-hitting track about police brutality. However, other tracks, such as “NRICH” and “SPACESHIP VIEWS,” feel like they’re trying too hard to be catchy, and they ultimately fall flat.

Overall, “MICHAEL” is a solid album, but it’s not Killer Mike’s best work. Fans of the rapper will still find plenty to enjoy, but others may be left wanting more.


アルバムのハイライトは、オープニング・トラック「DOWN BY LAW」、ブラック・ライヴズ・マター運動への力強い賛歌、「SHED TEARS」、悲しみと喪失についてのソウルフルなバラード、「RUN」、警察の暴力についてのハードなトラックです。しかし、他の曲、例えば「NRICH」や「SPACESHIP VIEWS」は、キャッチーになりすぎるように努力しているように感じ、最終的には失敗しています。



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