Disclosure “Alchemy” – Brief Summary & Review –


Disclosure’s fourth album, “Alchemy,” was released on July 14, 2023, by their self-owned label, Apollo Records. The album consists of 11 tracks and is described as a return to basics for the duo. The album’s sound is a mix of house, jungle break, and trance. The album features no guest artists or samples and is entirely produced by the duo². Some of the tracks include “Looking For Love,” “Simply Won’t Do,” “Higher Than Ever Before,” “A Little Bit,” “Go The Distance,” “Someday…,” “We Were In Love,” “Sun Showers,” “Purify,” and “Brown Eyes”. The album has been compared to their previous releases, with some critics noting that it is more personal and introspective than their previous work. The album has received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising it for its production and others criticizing it for being too similar to their previous work.

Disclosureの4thアルバム「Alchemy」は、2023年7月14日に自社レーベルApollo Recordsからリリースされました。このアルバムは、11曲から成り、デュオにとっての基本に戻ったと評されています。ジャンルはハウス、ジャングルブレイク、トランスなどが混ざっています。このアルバムには、ゲストアーティストやサンプルは一切含まれず、すべてデュオによって制作されています。いくつかのトラックには、「Looking For Love」「Simply Won’t Do」「Higher Than Ever Before」「A Little Bit」「Go The Distance」「Someday…」「We Were In Love」「Sun Showers」「Purify」、「Brown Eyes」が含まれています³。このアルバムは、以前のリリースと比較され、以前の作品よりも個人的で内省的だという批評家もいる一方で、以前の作品と似すぎていると批判する者もいます。


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