aiko “Ima no Futari o Otagai ga Miteru”


aiko’s 15th original album, “Ima no Futari o Otagai ga Miteru,” is a solid release that harkens back to her earlier work. The album features a mix of familiar aiko sounds, such as the mature and quiet tone of “ねがう夜” (Negau Yoru) and the modulations of “telepathy,” as well as some new elements, such as the power and scatting in “夏恋のライフ” (Natsukoi no Life).

The album is arranged by a variety of musicians, including new member Toomiyo, who seems to have taken a cue from aiko’s demo tapes and her ideas for instrumentation. The result is an album that is both familiar and fresh, and that showcases aiko’s unique songwriting and singing.

Overall, “Ima no Futari o Otagai ga Miteru” is a good album that is sure to please fans of aiko’s earlier work. However, it may not be the best album for those who are looking for something new and groundbreaking.





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