2023年7月の気になるニュース / Interesting News in July 2023

Giorgio Armani Says Fashion Should Be Less Entertaining


In 1965, a young Giorgio Armani was tasked with imagining the clothes of the future. Fresh out of a mandatory stint in the Italian army, and still unsure of his true calling, Armani had landed a job with Nino Cerruti, one of Italys premier fabric wizards. The challenge proved formative. Cerruti asked me to find some new solutions to make a mans suit less rigid and more comfortable, less industrial and more sartorial, Armani recounts in Per Amore, an updated version of his memoir published by Rizzoli last week. So he concocted a suit jacket with the suppleness of a cardigan and the lightness of a shirt, and revolutionized menswear in the process. When the Hollywood bigwigs storyboard the broad strokes of Armanis biopic, they wont have to stray far from the source material. His life makes for prime Oscars fodder humble upbringing in northern Italy, swift rise to acclaim in Milan, gradual transformation from homegrown talent into global juggernaut. Even the wiliest Netflix executive would struggle to present a more compelling narrative. That trajectory animates Per Amore, Armanis wide-ranging exploration of the forces that propelled him to the highest echelons of the fashion industry. First published in 2015, its part biography, part manifestoand its re-release couldnt be more timely.

1965年、若きジョルジオ・アルマーニは、未来の服を想像する使命を帯びていた。イタリア軍での義務教育を終えたばかりで、まだ自分の天職がわかっていなかったアルマーニは、イタリア屈指の生地の魔術師であるニーノ・チェルーティのもとで働くことになった。この挑戦が、アルマーニにとって大きな転機となった。アルマーニは、先週リッツォーリ社から出版された回顧録の最新版『Per Amore』の中で、マンスーツを堅苦しくなく、着心地よく、工業的でなく、サルトリアルにするための新しい解決策を見つけるよう私に頼んだと語っている。そこで彼は、カーディガンのようなしなやかさとシャツのような軽さを併せ持つスーツジャケットを考案し、その過程でメンズウェアに革命をもたらした。ハリウッドのお偉いさんたちは、アルマーニの伝記映画の大まかな構想を練るとき、原作から大きく外れる必要はないだろう。北イタリアでの謙虚な生い立ち、ミラノで名声を得るまでの急成長、自国の才能から世界的な大物へと徐々に変貌していく過程。Netflixの敏腕経営者でも、これ以上説得力のある物語を描くのは難しいだろう。その軌跡が、アルマーニをファッション業界の最高峰へと押し上げた力を幅広く探求する『ペル・アモーレ』を動かしている。2015年に出版された本書は、伝記であり、マニフェストでもある。

Hands-on: Apple Vision Pro isn’t for Gaming, But it Does Everything Else Better


Apple’s new Vision Pro headset isn’t going to satisfy the existing base of consumer VR users. But for everyone else, it’s a back-to-basics approach that’s laying a sturdy foundation to build upon in the future. The headset has cameras on the bottom that face downward so that even subtle pinches from your hand in your lap are visible and detected.

When you put AVP on your head, you instantly see the outside world first. The headset’s display has excellent resolution with great clarity across the lens. It exhibits not even a hint of screen-door effect. The entire interface feels iOS-polished with animations and easy to use buttons and controls. The interface was so simple to use that the demo chaperones had a hard time keeping me on task.

Using the button on the top of the headset you can capture volumetric photos and videos with just a press press. Apple showed me a demo of a volumet video capture of a group of kids blowing out candles on a birthday cake. The quality was good enough, at least in this best-case-scenario demo capture, that my first thought had nothing to do with the quality or quality or dynamic range, but purely of the emotion of the people in front of me.

アップルの新しいVision Proヘッドセットは、既存のコンシューマーVRユーザーを満足させるものではないだろう。しかし、それ以外の人々にとっては、基本に忠実なアプローチであり、将来的な基礎となる頑丈な土台を築いている。ヘッドセットの底面には下向きのカメラがあり、膝の上に手を置いたときの微妙なつまづきも視認・検知できるようになっている。



「Apple Vision Pro」を実機体験して言葉を失った。驚くべき製品である5つの理由

アップルがWWDCで発表した「Apple Vision Pro」の実機を筆者が体験した。近年なかったほど「驚き」としか表現できない体験だった。現実の世界とCGの世界が地続きに、最大の驚きは自然さだ。過去に体験したHMD機器とは見え方が全く異なる。視野角を除けば、現実と大差ないように見えるの。立体感がおかしかったり、画面の一部が歪んだりすることもある。アップルが「Vision Pro」を実体験で紹介している。距離センサーを活かして自分の顔をスキャンし、自分に似せた「Persona」を作れる。目の動きや表情、口の動きや身振り手振りなどをそのまま再現する。リアル志向のVision Proを装着する際の注意点。自分の姿を通話で使うことで、HMDをつけたまま自然な対話ができる。重量は450g程度で、つけやすさ・見易さに配慮されている。市場にあるVR用ヘッドセットの中では軽めだ。装着すると、頭頂部を止めるバンドと後頭部を止めるクッションの両方で位置合わせ。額と頬骨あたりで「パッド」を使って重量を支えるような感覚になる。視線追尾を生かして中心視野を把握することで、解像感・快適さの演出が可能。映像の描画については「感覚が鋭い中央」は細かく描き、周囲は処理を軽減する。航空機内に持ち込めるサイズと容量が選択されている。付属バッテリーは容量の大きなものだが、アップル製のものもある。iOSやiPadOSのアプリがそのまま動くため、生活空間の中でも使える。荒さのない、非常にリアルな恐竜が実際に「そこにいる」感じだ。触ろうと手を伸ばすと、手の向こうがちゃんと「隠れる」のに気づく。目の前の空間で自然な形で繰り広げられることこそが凄みだ。

The author experienced the actual “Apple Vision Pro” that Apple unveiled at WWDC. It was an experience that can only be described as “amazing,” the likes of which have not been seen in recent years. The biggest surprise was the naturalness of the experience. The way of seeing was completely different from the HMD devices I have experienced in the past. Except for the viewing angle, it looks much the same as in reality. The stereoscopic effect can be odd, and parts of the screen can be distorted. Apple introduces “Vision Pro” with real-life experience. It takes advantage of distance sensors to scan your face and create a “Persona” that looks like you. Eye movements, facial expressions, mouth movements, and gestures are reproduced as they are. A note of caution when wearing the realistic-looking Vision Pro. By using your own image in a call, you can have a natural dialogue while wearing the HMD. Weighing around 450g, it is designed to be easy to put on and see. It is lighter than most VR headsets on the market. When worn, it is positioned by both a band that stops at the top of the head and a cushion that stops at the back of the head. It feels like a “pad” around the forehead and cheekbones to support the weight. The eye tracking is utilized to grasp the central field of view to produce a sense of resolution and comfort. Regarding the rendering of images, the “center, where the senses are keen,” is rendered in detail, while the surrounding area is processed less. The size and capacity of the device have been selected to allow it to be carried on board an aircraft. The included battery is of large capacity, but also made by Apple. iOS and iPadOS apps run as they are, so they can be used in living spaces. It feels like a very realistic dinosaur that is actually “out there” without any roughness. When you reach out to touch it, you notice that it “hides” right beyond your hand. The great thing is that it unfolds in a natural way in the space in front of you.

日本に「性的同意」は広まるのか 刑法改正への期待と不安


A bill to amend Japan’s law governing sex crimes has passed the House of Representatives. If passed, this will be the first amendment to the criminal law on sex crimes since 2017. The most significant amendment will change the crime of rape from “forced sexual intercourse” to “nonconsensual sexual intercourse. The age of consent for sexual intercourse in Japan is 13, the lowest among the world’s richest democracies; the victim in this case, who was in her teens, was treated as an adult. Yuha Tadokoro of Spring, an organization of victims, said, “There is variation from case to case. Victims talk about “second rapes” they have experienced during sex crime investigations. The insensitivity of the police and hospital staff causes the victim to be traumatized again. Ms. Okano said that she was not even sure if she would be able to file a damage report. There was a string of court acquittals against defendants charged with sex crimes. In Japan, the prosecution rate of cases found to be forcible sexual intercourse is only about 30%. Meanwhile, calls for change are growing. The Okazaki branch of the Nagoya District Court acquitted a father who had repeatedly forced his teenage daughter to engage in sexual acts. The judge stated, “It is difficult to recognize that he had complete control over her personality and that he had a strong subordinate relationship with her. In response to a huge public outcry, most of the four cases were appealed and reversed convictions were confirmed. The age of consent for sexual intercourse was also raised to 16, and the statute of limitations on prosecution is expected to be extended. Some activists point out that the legal reform must be accompanied by broader changes in Japanese society. However, it must be passed by the House of Councillors by the 21st. The House of Councillors is in dispute over a bill to amend the Immigration Control Act. The bill to amend the Penal Code has not been discussed, but the amendment to the law on sex crimes is missing. Activist groups and lawyers called on politicians, saying that the bill cannot be “scrapped out of time. A lawyer who is an expert on sexual assault and other issues spoke of the need for support for victims of sexual violence.


Mark Zuckerberg has declared that he is betting on the Metaverse. At this point, however, the odds appear to be pretty much stacked against him. Large companies have recently cancelled one flagship project after another. Activate’s CEO noted that some companies are beginning to give up on the Metaverse initiative, stressing that it should proceed in parallel with investments in AI, customer engagement, and technology development, and that they continue to invest heavily in game development for VR. The metaverse is entering a new phase, an inflection point where AI will accelerate its realization, requiring long-term development and investment. Virtual worlds and an ever-expanding user base will provide the foundation for the future. The metaverse is beginning to expand beyond games. The majority of gamers are already using gaming platforms to watch movies and TV shows, interact with other gamers, and play games. They are also using it to interact with other gamers and for other purposes besides playing games. NVIDIA offers Omniverse, a platform for utilizing AI. It enables collaboration and real-time simulation of 3D models in a virtual space. The enhanced development platform accelerates the construction of metaverse. Metaverse platforms are seamlessly connected to each other. Seamless connection to user ID, marketing, payment, and other platforms. To reap the benefits of the proliferation, it is necessary to take advantage of business opportunities. Activate’s vision of the metaverse technology stack. It is broken down into four layers: content, experience, and social interaction. The only way to win is to specialize in the layers in which your company can demonstrate its strengths.

The European Parliament voted to approve its draft rules for the AI Act on Wednesday. The vote passed with an overwhelming majority, and has been heralded as one of the world’s most important developments in AI regulation. The final legislation will be a compromise between three different drafts from the three institutions. It will likely take around two years before the laws are actually implemented.

Ban on real-time biometrics and predictive policing in public spaces. Social scoring by public agencies, or the practice of using data about people’s social behavior to make generalizations and profiles, would be outlawed. Policing groups are not in favor of a ban on biometric technologies, which they say are necessary for modern policing.

A Russian soldier surrendered to a Ukrainian assault drone in May. Contract workers who trained Google’s large language model, Bard, say they were fired after raising concerns about their working conditions and safety issues with the AI itself. Human Rights Watch released a report about an algorithm used to dole out welfare benefits in Jordan.




Pharrell Williams debuted his vision for Louis Vuitton in Paris last night. He shut down the Pont Neuf, wrapped it in gold, ran a runway from end to end. Beyonce, Jay, Kim, Zendaya, Tyler, Lebron, Rocky, Rihanna among the stars at the show. It puts an exclamation mark on the meaning of his appointment in February.

Pharrell was chosen by Louis Vuitton CEO Pietro Beccari to be the house’s next men’s creative director. Since taking over, Pharrell has been working out of a studio in the LV headquarters just across the street from the Pont Neuf in Paris’s 2nd arrondissement. “I never thought that it would be me. It was—and it’s still—unreal,” he said.

Pharrell is one of the biggest music producers on the planet, a designer with credible claim to the massification of streetwear, and a fashion disciple who has designed alongside legends like Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. While Pharrell may have been shocked by his appointment to this position, I suggest that for others, it may not have been such a surprise.





On the 23rd, Russian authorities investigated the founder of Wagner on suspicion of calling for an armed uprising. On the morning of August 24, a video purportedly showing Mr. Prigogine entering the Russian military’s Southern Military District headquarters went viral, and the headquarters has played a central role in the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian military’s Southern Military District Command, which has played a central role in the invasion of Ukraine, was filmed early in the morning of April 24 showing what appeared to be Wagner’s troops surrounding a government building. Armed men can be seen walking around, and two tanks with artillery pointed at the government building can also be seen. The Russian military has deployed military vehicles to Rostov na Donu. Security has also been stepped up in the city of Moscow. The governor of Rostov Oblast, which borders eastern Ukraine, called on residents to stay out of the city. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a political opponent of President Vladimir Putin in exile. He called on the Russian people to support Mr. Prigozhin. He called on Wagner soldiers to cooperate with the detainees. The Deputy Commander of the Russian Armed Forces praised General Slovikin for his role in the invasion of Ukraine. In the past, General Slovikin had said, “We have the same blood in our veins.” He was condemned in May for posting a video of him walking among the many bodies of Wagnerian soldiers lying on the ground. On April 10, the Russian government requested a direct contract for the war in Ukraine. U.S. experts accused him of initiating it “so that Shoigu can become a general. Wagner could reorganize military forces if he threatens to do so.


In a historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ends race-conscious admission programs. The decision reverses decades of precedent upheld over the years by narrow Supreme Court majorities. Chief Justice John Roberts, a longtime critic of affirmative action programs, wrote the decision for the court majority. Justice Clarence Thomas reiterated his long-held view that affirmative action imposes a stigma on minorities.

Columbia University President Bollinger: “It feels like the country has been on a course of choosing between a continuation of the great era of civil rights, and another view of ‘We’ve done this long enough, and we need a whole new approach’ Justice Sotomayor: “The Court subverts the constitutional guarantee of equal protection”.

The court did not entirely close the door to racial considerations in college admissions. The court left open the possibility that the nation’s military academies may be able to continue with affirmative action programs. “We’re going to be fighting about this for the next 30 years,” Harvard law professor says. Thursday’s decisions likely to cause ripples throughout the country, not just in higher education.


コロンビア大学のボリンジャー学長:「この国は、公民権の偉大な時代の継続か、それとも『もう十分長い間やってきたから、まったく新しいアプローチが必要だ』という別の見解のどちらかを選択する道を歩んでいるように感じる ソトマイヨール判事:「裁判所は、平等保護の憲法上の保証を破壊している」。



Foo Fighters are set to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021. Taylor Hawkins paid tribute to George Michael, the late ’80s pop superstar best known to contemporary listeners for the unabashedly sentimental holiday classic “Last Christmas” and the supermodel extravaganza of 1991’s David Fincher-directed “Freedom! When Michael passed away on Christmas in 2016, it had been 12 years since his last studio album.

George Michael will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. At his commercial peak, Michael was as shrewd an image-maker as Madonna, constantly reinventing himself. The director Vaughan Arnell, who directed several music videos for Michael, says the star was always his own creative director. Next week, Wham! a documentary that looks back at Michael’s enormously successful ‘80s teen pop duo Wham!, comes out on Netflix.

George Michael was also a musical virtuoso, a true pop craftsman who single-handedly wrote and produced most of his discography. Liam Gallagher of Oasis calls him a “modern day Elvis” and Mark Ronson of ‘90’s ‘Freedom ’90” “You’re striving to make something, every time you go in the studio, half as good as that.



ジョージ・マイケルは音楽の名人でもあり、彼のディスコグラフィーのほとんどをたったひとりで作曲、プロデュースした真のポップ職人だった。オアシスのリアム・ギャラガーは彼を “現代のエルヴィス “と呼び、90年代の『フリーダム’90』のマーク・ロンソンは「スタジオに入るたびに、あれの半分でもいいものを作ろうと努力している」と語っている。



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