20 Best Songs of Rihanna (ok camille’s version)

20. You Da One (2011)

“You Da One” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk” (2011). The song was co-written by Rihanna, Ester Dean, Henry Walter, John Hill, and Lukasz Gottwald. The production was completed by Gottwald, under his production name Dr. Luke, and Cirkut.

Musically, “You Da One” is a mid-tempo pop and reggae song, which incorporates elements of electropop, dancehall, and dubstep. The lyrics revolve around the overpowering love and infatuation that Rihanna feels for her significant other. It explores the idea of being completely consumed by someone, thinking of them constantly, and how their love is intertwined with one another.

The song has had a significant impact on Rihanna’s career and the music industry. It achieved moderate chart success, peaking at number one on the US Dance Club Songs and number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Internationally, it peaked inside the top 10 in New Zealand and the UK Hip Hop and R&B Singles Chart. The song’s success further cemented Rihanna’s influence in music history. It also contributed to Rihanna’s reputation as a multi-genre artist, merging different genres and challenging societal norms.

「You Da One」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの6枚目のスタジオアルバム「Talk That Talk」(2011年)からの曲です。この曲は、リアーナ、エスター・ディーン、ヘンリー・ウォルター、ジョン・ヒル、ルカシュ・ゴットワルドによって共同で書かれました。制作は、ゴットワルドが彼の制作名であるDr.LukeとCirkutによって完了しました。

音楽的には、「You Da One」はミッドテンポのポップとレゲエの曲で、エレクトロポップ、ダンスホール、ダブステップの要素を取り入れています。歌詞は、リアーナが大切な人に対して抱く圧倒的な愛と夢中になっていることをテーマにしています。誰かに完全に支配され、常に考え、彼らの愛がどのように絡み合っているかを探求しています。


19. Russian Roulette (2009)

“Russian Roulette” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her fourth studio album, Rated R. The song was released as the album’s lead single on October 26, 2009. It was written and produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony. The song is a pop and R&B ballad that contains dark, morbid, and tense atmospheric elements.

Lyrically, “Russian Roulette” is about an abusive romantic relationship that ended abruptly. Music critics noted the lyrical theme to be a response to the domestic violence case between Rihanna and her former boyfriend, singer Chris Brown. The song received acclaim from critics, with many praising Rihanna’s vocal performance and the song’s lyrics.

“Russian Roulette” had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It reached the top-ten in over twenty countries worldwide, including number one in several countries. The song also topped the UK R&B and US Dance Club Songs charts. It was certified two-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting sales of over two million copies in the United States alone. The song’s success solidified Rihanna’s status as a leading artist in the music industry.

「Russian Roulette」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの4枚目のスタジオアルバム「Rated R」からの曲です。この曲は、2009年10月26日にアルバムのリードシングルとしてリリースされました。ネヨとチャックハーモニーによって書かれ、制作されました。この曲は、暗く、不気味で、緊張した雰囲気の要素を含むポップとR&Bバラードです。

歌詞的には、「Russian Roulette」は突然終わった虐待的な恋愛関係についてです。音楽評論家は、歌詞のテーマがリアーナと元ボーイフレンドの歌手クリス・ブラウンとの家庭内暴力事件への反応であると指摘しました。この曲は批評家から絶賛され、多くの人がリアーナのボーカルパフォーマンスと歌詞を称賛しました。

「Russian Roulette」は、リアーナのキャリアに大きな文化的影響と影響を与えました。それは世界中の20か国以上でトップ10に入り、いくつかの国では1位になりました。この曲は、英国のR&Bと米国のダンスクラブソングチャートを上回りました。アメリカレコード協会(RIAA)から2回プラチナ認定を受け、アメリカだけで200万枚以上の売上を記録しました。この曲の成功により、リアーナは音楽業界をリードするアーティストとしての地位を確固たるものにしました。

18. Love On The Brain (2016)

“Love On The Brain” is a single by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her eighth studio album, Anti, released on September 27, 2016. The song was written by Joseph Angel, Rihanna, and its producer Fred Ball¹. It was the first song commissioned for Rihanna’s album Anti. The song is a 1950s-and-1960s-inspired doo-wop and soul ballad. The production incorporates an orchestra consisting of guitar arpeggio, organ, and syncopated strings.

The lyrics are about the highs and lows of a toxic love. The song illustrates her love for a guy as one that consumes her thoughts. The lyrics reference a physically abusive unstable relationship.

The song had a significant cultural impact and influence. It slowly rose to dominance, becoming Rihanna’s 30th top-10 single. In its 18th week, the track climbed from No.13 to No.8, making Rihanna the artist with the third most top-ten singles in Hot 100 history. The song has been covered by various artists including Kelly Clarkson, Ava Max, Little Mix and S’22kile from Idols SA season 17. It was a creative risk in an album full of them.

「Love On The Brain」は、2016年9月27日にリリースされたバルバドスの歌手リアーナの8枚目のスタジオアルバム「Anti」からのシングルです。この曲は、ジョセフ・エンジェル、リアーナ、そのプロデューサーのフレッド・ボール¹によって書かれました。これは、リアーナのアルバムAntiのために依頼された最初の曲でした。この曲は、1950年代と1960年代にインスパイアされたドゥーワップとソウルバラードです。制作には、ギターアルペジオ、オルガン、シンコペーションされた弦楽器からなるオーケストラが組み込まれています。



17. Stay (2012)

“Stay” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her seventh studio album, “Unapologetic” (2012). It features guest vocals by Mikky Ekko and was released as the second single from the album on December 13, 2012. The song was co-written by Ekko and Justin Parker, and produced by Ekko, Elof Loelv, Justin Parker, and Kuk Harrell.

The song is a pop and R&B ballad¹ that speaks of temptation and the inability to resist true love. It’s a piano-driven track that exposes an intimate and vulnerable side of Rihanna. The lyrics depict a person needing certainty in a dysfunctional relationship.

Upon its release, “Stay” charted on multiple charts worldwide, reaching number one in several countries and peaking at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100. It has sold over 10 million units worldwide. The song’s accompanying music video, directed by Sophie Muller, depicts Rihanna in a bathtub, further emphasizing the vulnerability and raw emotion of the song.

“Stay” was a significant milestone in Rihanna’s career. It was her twenty-fourth top ten on the US Billboard chart, surpassing Whitney Houston’s tally. The song was also performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards and included in the setlist of her tours. The success of “Stay” solidified Rihanna’s status as a versatile artist capable of delivering powerful ballads in addition to her signature upbeat tracks.





16. Don't Stop The Music (2007)

“Don’t Stop The Music” is a globally acclaimed song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad” (2007). The song was written by Tawanna Dabney and produced by the Norwegian duo StarGate, consisting of Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen. Michael Jackson also received a songwriting credit for the sampling of the line “Mama-say, mama-sa, ma-ma-koosa” from his 1983 single “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”.

The song is characterized by its dance-pop genre and features rhythmic devices used primarily in hip hop music. The lyrics convey a sense of liberation and a desire to escape from the stresses of everyday life, immersing oneself in the joy and euphoria found on the dance floor.

The song had a profound cultural impact, becoming a universal anthem for celebration and liberation. It topped the charts in numerous countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The song’s success solidified Rihanna’s status as a global superstar and cemented her reputation as one of the industry’s leading artists. It arguably kicked off the EDM/pop crossover in earnest, making it one of the most influential songs in Rihanna’s career.

「Don’t Stop The Music」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの3枚目のスタジオアルバム「Good Girl Gone Bad」(2007年)からの世界的に称賛されている曲です。この曲は、タワンナ・ダブニーによって書かれ、トル・エリック・ヘルマンシェンとミケル・ストロールラー・エリクセンからなるノルウェーのデュオ、スターゲイトによって制作されました。マイケル・ジャクソンも、1983年のシングル「Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’」の「Mama-say, mama-sa, ma-ma-koosa」というラインのサンプリングで作詞のクレジットを獲得しました。



15. SOS (2006)

“SOS” is a dance-pop song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her second studio album, “A Girl like Me” (2006). Released on February 14, 2006, through Def Jam Recordings, it was the lead single of the album. The song was written by J. R. Rotem and E. Kidd Bogart, with additional credit assigned to Ed Cobb for inspiration built around a sample of Soft Cell’s 1981 recording of “Tainted Love”. The production of the song was handled by J. R. Rotem, Carl Sturken, and Evan Rogers.

The song’s narrative is about falling deeply in love. It replaced Rihanna’s reggae influence with a more traditional American club vibe. The song received positive reviews from critics, who praised the inclusion of the “Tainted Love” sample.

“SOS” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks, becoming Rihanna’s first number one single on the chart. It was also successful in Europe and Australia, where it spent eight consecutive weeks at number one. This commercial success marked a turning point in Rihanna’s career. The song’s success and its danceable nature have made it a staple in Rihanna’s live performances.

「SOS」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの2枚目のスタジオアルバム「A Girl like Me」(2006年)からのダンスポップソングです。2006年2月14日にDef Jam Recordingsからリリースされ、アルバムのリードシングルでした。この曲はJ.R.ローテンとE.キッド・ボガートによって書かれ、ソフトセルの1981年の「TaintedLove」のサンプリングを基にしたインスピレーションのためにエド・コブに追加のクレジットが与えられました。この曲の制作は、J.R.ローテン、カール・スターケン、エヴァン・ロジャースが担当しました。



14. Only Girl (In the World) (2010)

“Only Girl (In the World)” is a hit single by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her fifth album, “Loud”, released on September 10, 2010. The song was written by Crystal Johnson in collaboration with producers Stargate and Sandy Vee. Rihanna had previously worked with Stargate on several other singles.

The song is characterized by a lively, uptempo music, backed by strong bass and synthesizer. It falls under the genre of dance-pop and Eurodance, with an electronic composition. The lyrics describe Rihanna demanding physical attention from her lover. The song is about being dominant in the bedroom, expressing a desire to be the sole focus and center of affection.

The song had a significant cultural impact and influence. It reached number one on the United States’ Billboard Hot 100 chart, and won the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2011. The song’s success cemented Rihanna’s influence in music history. It also marked a departure from the dark themes of her previous album, “Rated R” (2009), and was praised for its composition. The song has been described as an anthem of empowerment.

「Only Girl (In the World)」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの5枚目のアルバム「Loud」からのヒットシングルで、2010年9月10日にリリースされました。この曲は、プロデューサーのスターゲイトとサンディ・ビーと共同でクリスタル・ジョンソンによって書かれました。リアーナは以前、スターゲイトと他のシングルで協力していました。


この曲は、大きな文化的影響と影響を与えました。アメリカのビルボードホット100チャートで1位を獲得し、2011年の第53回グラミー賞で最優秀ダンス/エレクトロニックレコーディング賞を受賞しました。この曲の成功により、リアーナの音楽史における影響力が確固たるものになりました。また、彼女の前のアルバム「Rated R」(2009年)の暗いテーマからの脱却を意味し、その構成が賞賛されました。この曲は、エンパワーメントのアンセムとして説明されています。

13. Shut Up and Drive (2007)

“Shut Up and Drive” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad” (2007). The song was written and produced by Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, and features an interpolation of the 1983 song “Blue Monday” by the British band New Order. The song was recorded at Sunwatch in Saint James, Barbados and The Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, New York.

The song is a new wave track that heavily incorporates 1970s and 1980s musical styles. Lyrically, it contains multiple references to cars and car parts, including the ’57 Cadillac. The song’s essence reflects Rihanna’s transformation and dynamism during this phase of her career, symbolizing her readiness to embrace new adventures and experiences.

“Shut Up and Drive” peaked at number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and at number one on the US Dance Club Songs chart. On the UK Singles Chart, it reached number five, becoming Rihanna’s fifth top-five single. The song marked a significant evolution in her musical journey, showcasing a shift towards a more upbeat and eclectic sound. This shift was immediately obvious with the release of 2007’s “Good Girl Gone Bad”, from the leather romper and chains she wore in the “Umbrella” video to the road rage anthem, “Shut Up and Drive” with its heavy bass and crunchy guitars.

「Shut Up and Drive」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの3枚目のスタジオアルバム「Good Girl Gone Bad」(2007年)からの曲です。この曲は、カール・スターケンとエヴァン・ロジャースが書き、プロデュースし、イギリスのバンド、ニュー・オーダーの1983年の曲「ブルー・マンデー」のインターポレーションをフィーチャーしています。この曲は、バルバドスのセント・ジェームズにあるサンウォッチとニューヨーク州ブロンクスビルのザ・ロフト・レコーディング・スタジオで録音されました。


「Shut Up and Drive」は、米国ビルボードホット100チャートで15位、米国ダンスクラブソングチャートで1位を獲得しました。UKシングルチャートで5位に達し、リアーナの5番目のトップ5シングルとなりました。この曲は、彼女の音楽的旅における重要な進化を示しており、よりアップビートなエクレクティックなサウンドへのシフトを示しています。この変化は、2007年の「Good Girl Gone Bad」のリリースですぐに明らかになりました。「Umbrella」のビデオで着ていた革のロンパーとチェーンから、重いベースとカリカリのギターを使ったロードレイジアンセム「Shut Up and Drive」まで。

12. Pour It Up (2012)

“Pour It Up” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her seventh studio album, Unapologetic (2012). The song was written by Rihanna herself with assistance from Michael Williams, Justin Garner, and Theron Thomas and Timothy Thomas (Planet VI). It was produced by Williams under his stage name Mike WiLL Made It, while being co-produced by JBo of Eardrummer Ent.

The song is a club, trap, and R&B song with a minimal hip hop beat. The lyrics revolve around themes of excess, wealth, and indulgence, with Rihanna expressing her desire to party, have a good time. She brags about her wealth, which serves as both a strip club anthem and a declaration of independence.

“Pour It Up” has had a significant cultural impact. It’s a game-changer in music, merging different genres and challenging societal norms. The song has influenced various facets of the industry, from pop and R&B to dance and reggae. It has broken numerous records, making Rihanna one of the best-selling artists of all time and cementing her influence in music history. The song’s success has contributed to Rihanna’s rise as a global megastar.

「Pour It Up」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの7枚目のスタジオアルバム「Unapologetic」(2012年)からの曲です。この曲は、リアーナ自身がマイケル・ウィリアムズ、ジャスティン・ガーナー、セロン・トーマス、ティモシー・トーマス(プラネットVI)の助けを借りて書いたものです。ウィリアムズが彼のステージ名であるマイク・ウィル・メイド・イットで制作し、Eardrummer EntのJBoが共同制作しました。


「Pour It Up」は大きな文化的影響を与えました。音楽のゲームチェンジャーであり、さまざまなジャンルを融合させ、社会規範に挑戦しています。この曲は、ポップやR&Bからダンスやレゲエまで、業界のさまざまな側面に影響を与えています。それは数々の記録を破り、リアーナを史上最高の売り上げを記録したアーティストの1人にし、音楽史における彼女の影響力を固めました。この曲の成功は、リアーナの世界的なメガスターとしての台頭に貢献しました。

11. Work (2016)

“Work” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna, featuring Canadian rapper Drake, from Rihanna’s eighth studio album, Anti (2016). The song was released on January 27, 2016, as the lead single from the album. The song was written by Rihanna, Drake, Jahron Brathwaite, Monte Moir, Rupert Thomas, Allen Ritter, and Matthew “Boi-1da” Samuels. The production was handled by Boi-1da, with additional production by Sevn Thomas, Ritter, Kuk Harrell, and Noah “40” Shebib.

“Work” incorporates elements of dancehall, reggae, pop, and R&B. The lyrics, written in the English-based creole languages of Jamaica and Barbados, revolve around the theme of a tumultuous relationship and the challenges faced when trying to communicate with a partner.

The song had a significant cultural impact and influence. It spent nine weeks atop the US Billboard Hot 100 and helped Rihanna surpass Michael Jackson as the artist with the fourth-most US number-one hits. The song was nominated for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 59th Grammy Awards. Some journalists credit “Work” with reinvigorating dancehall in mainstream popular music in the mid-2010s. The song became one of Rihanna’s most celebrated hits, both critically and commercially.




10. Take A Bow (2008)

“Take A Bow” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her album “Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded” (2008). The song was written and produced by Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, and Shaffer Smith, known by their stage names StarGate and Ne-Yo. The song is an R&B track that also incorporates elements of dance-pop.

The lyrics of “Take A Bow” tell the story of a female protagonist expressing disinterest in rekindling her relationship with a dishonorable and unfaithful ex-boyfriend. The theme explores the realization that love is not a theater, and people should not have to endure someone’s insincere act to be happy.

“Take A Bow” had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Rihanna’s third song to do so. The song also topped the charts in several other countries, including Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. The success of “Take A Bow” further solidified Rihanna’s status as one of the most influential artists of her generation.

「Take A Bow」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナのアルバム「Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded」(2008年)からの曲です。この曲は、ステージ名スターゲイトとネヨで知られるトル・エリック・ヘルマンセン、ミケル・エリクセン、シャファー・スミスによって書かれ、制作されました。この曲は、ダンスポップの要素も取り入れたR&Bトラックです。

「Take A Bow」の歌詞は、不名誉で不誠実な元ボーイフレンドとの関係を再燃させることに興味がない女性主人公の物語です。テーマは、愛は演劇ではないという認識を探求し、人々は幸せになるために誰かの不誠実な行為に耐える必要はないことを探求しています。

「Take A Bow」は、リアーナのキャリアに大きな文化的影響と影響を与えました。ビルボードホット100で1位を獲得し、リアーナの3番目の曲になりました。この曲は、カナダ、デンマーク、アイルランド、スロバキア、英国など、他の多くの国のチャートを上回りました。「Take A Bow」の成功により、リアーナは同世代で最も影響力のあるアーティストの1人としての地位をさらに固めました。

09. Man Down (2010)

“Man Down” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her fifth studio album, Loud (2010). The song was written by Rihanna, fellow Bajan singer Shontelle, and production duo R. City with its main producer, Sham. The song was produced during a writing camp in Los Angeles in 2010.

The song is a reggae track that incorporates elements of ragga and electronic music. The lyrics depict Rihanna as a fugitive after she shoots a man, an action she later regrets. However, Rihanna revealed that the song is really about breaking a man’s heart.

“Man Down” has had a significant impact on Rihanna’s career and the music industry. The song reached number 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It topped the chart in France for five consecutive weeks and reached the top three in Belgium and the Netherlands. The song’s music video, which depicts Rihanna’s character shooting a man after he rapes her, was criticized by various groups but also praised for addressing a serious issue. The song was on the set list for three of Rihanna’s tours.

「Man Down」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの5枚目のスタジオアルバム「Loud」(2010年)からの曲です。この曲は、リアーナ、同じバジャンの歌手ショーンテル、そしてメインプロデューサーのシャムと共に制作デュオR.Cityによって書かれました。この曲は、2010年にロサンゼルスで行われたライティングキャンプ中に制作されました。



08. Needed Me (2016)

“Needed Me” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). The song was written by Rihanna, Brittany Hazard, Charles Hinshaw, Derrus Rachel, the producer DJ Mustard, and the co-producers Twice as Nice and Frank Dukes.

The song is characterized as a “mellow” dubstep-influenced electro-R&B song, with a downtempo and loose production that includes synthetic sounds and hard heavy trap beats. The lyrics discuss themes of romantic rejection, with Rihanna asserting her independence and emotional complexities.

“Needed Me” had a significant impact on both Rihanna’s career and the broader music industry. In the United States, the song peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Rihanna’s 29th top 10 single on the chart, spending sixteen weeks in the top ten and later becoming the singer’s longest-charting hit. The song’s accompanying music video, directed by film producer Harmony Korine, was also notable for its raw and sensual depiction of Rihanna.

Overall, “Needed Me” is a testament to Rihanna’s musical versatility and her ability to push boundaries in terms of sound, lyrics, and visual presentation.

「Needed Me」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの8枚目のスタジオアルバム「Anti」(2016年)からの曲です。この曲は、リアーナ、ブリタニー・ハザード、チャールズ・ヒンショー、ダーラス・レイチェル、プロデューサーのDJマスタード、共同プロデューサーのTwice as Niceとフランク・デュークスによって書かれました。


「Needed Me」は、リアーナのキャリアとより広い音楽業界の両方に大きな影響を与えました。アメリカでは、この曲はビルボードホット100で7位に達し、リアーナの29番目のトップ10シングルとなり、トップ10で16週間過ごし、後に歌手の最も長いチャートヒットとなりました。映画プロデューサーのハーモニー・コーリンが監督したこの曲のミュージックビデオも、リアーナの生の官能的な描写で注目を集めました。

全体として、「Needed Me」は、リアーナの音楽的多様性と、サウンド、歌詞、視覚的な表現の点で限界を押し広げる彼女の能力の証です。

07. S&M (2010)

“S&M,” a provocative single by Barbadian singer Rihanna, was released as part of her fifth studio album, “Loud” (2010). Crafted by the combined efforts of producers Stargate and Sandy Vee, the track stands out for its pulsating dance-pop and electropop sound, underpinned by a heavy use of synthesizers and techno beats. The song’s lyrics unabashedly explore themes of sadomasochism and arousal through pain, marking a bold departure into more mature content for Rihanna.

The reception to “S&M” was a blend of admiration for its catchy beat and controversial discussions around its explicit subject matter. Critics and fans alike praised the song’s daring approach to sexuality, which not only challenged societal norms but also played a significant role in conversations about sexual empowerment and freedom. Its accompanying music video further stirred debates, facing censorship and age restrictions in several countries, yet it succeeded in amplifying the song’s message about embracing one’s sexual desires without shame.

Commercially, “S&M” achieved notable success, topping the charts in over twenty countries and cementing Rihanna’s status as a pop powerhouse. It helped “Loud” become one of the most acclaimed albums of her career and significantly contributed to her image as an artist unafraid to push boundaries. The song’s cultural impact extends beyond its chart success; it stands as a controversial yet pivotal moment in Rihanna’s career, symbolizing her evolution into a fearless, boundary-pushing artist in both her musical and personal expressions.




06. Bitch Better Have My Money (2015)

“Bitch Better Have My Money” is a single by Barbadian singer Rihanna, released on March 26, 2015. The song was written by Rihanna, Bibi Bourelly, and produced by Deputy, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and WondaGurl. It is a trap song and represents a notable musical departure from Rihanna’s previous single, “FourFiveSeconds”.

The lyrics of the song speak of a woman demanding what is rightfully hers, indicating it’s not just about getting paid, but about assertiveness. The song was conceived in producer Deputy’s apartment and consisted of a simple beat.

Upon release, critics gave the song mixed reviews, finding it catchy and ready to be played in clubs, but thought it was a step down from the preceding single. The song reached the top-10 in eight countries, including New Zealand and France, and the top-20 in six more countries including Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The song has had a significant cultural impact. It has been described as a game-changer in music, merging different genres and challenging societal norms. The song has also influenced various facets of the industry, from pop and R&B to dance and reggae.

「Bitch Better Have My Money」は、2015年3月26日にリリースされたバルバドスの歌手リアーナのシングルです。この曲はリアーナ、ビビ・ボーレリーによって書かれ、デプティ、カニエ・ウェスト、トラビス・スコット、ウォンダガールによって制作されました。それはトラップソングであり、リアーナの以前のシングル「FourFiveSeconds」からの注目すべき音楽的逸脱を表しています。




05. Kiss It Better (2016)

“Kiss It Better” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). The song was written and produced by Jeff Bhasker and Glass John, with additional writing by Teddy Sinclair and Rihanna. It is a synth-rock and R&B ballad, featuring influences from the 1980s and 1990s music ballads.

The song’s lyrics focus on a destructive relationship that the singer finds irresistible. It also deals with themes of mending broken fences and getting back together with a lover. The song encourages the listener to move past the pride and anger that prevent reconciliation, and to focus on the positive feelings that can be found in intimacy and understanding.

“Kiss It Better” received critical acclaim, with critics praising its 1980s style ballad, lyrics, and Rihanna’s vocals. It received a Grammy Award nomination for Best R&B Song at the 59th ceremony. The song peaked at number 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified 3× Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The song has had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It was included on the Anti World Tour setlist as the closing song. In January 2021, the song gained notoriety again on radio and TikTok with the release of rapper Fat Joe’s single “Sunshine (The Light)” featuring DJ Khaled and Amorphous. The song heavily samples the first verse of “Kiss It Better” as its chorus, using Rihanna’s vocals.

「Kiss It Better」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの8枚目のスタジオアルバム「Anti」(2016年)からの曲です。この曲はジェフ・バシェカーとグラス・ジョンによって書かれ、テディ・シンクレアとリアーナによって追加で書かれました。1980年代と1990年代の音楽バラードの影響を受けたシンセロックとR&Bバラードです。


「Kiss It Better」は批評家から絶賛され、批評家は1980年代スタイルのバラード、歌詞、リアーナのボーカルを称賛しました。第59回式典で最優秀R&Bソング賞にノミネートされました。この曲は、米国ビルボードホット100チャートで62位に達し、米国レコード協会(RIAA)から3×プラチナ認定を受けました。

この曲は、リアーナのキャリアに大きな文化的影響と影響を与えました。アンチワールドツアーのセットリストの締めくくりの曲として収録されました。2021年1月、この曲は、DJ KhaledとAmorphousをフィーチャーしたラッパーFat Joeのシングル「Sunshine(The Light)」のリリースにより、ラジオとTikTokで再び注目を集めました。この曲は、リアーナのボーカルを使用して、「Kiss It Better」の最初の詩をコーラスとして多用しています。

04. Rude Boy (2010)

“Rude Boy” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her fourth studio album, Rated R, released in 2010. The song was co-written by Rihanna, Ester Dean, Makeba Riddick, and producers Rob Swire and Stargate. The sound of “Rude Boy” is a fusion of reggae, dancehall, and R&B, incorporating elements of raggamuffin.

The lyrics of “Rude Boy” depict Rihanna taking control, expressing her desires boldly, and challenging her partner to keep up. The song intertwines themes of empowerment, desire, and confidence, reimagining the terrain of what’s traditionally acceptable for women in music and culture.

“Rude Boy” had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks, becoming Rihanna’s sixth US number-one single. The song was a commercial success globally, peaking at number one in Australia and attaining top five positions in several countries. The song’s success marked a pivotal moment in Rihanna’s career, solidifying her status as a global pop icon. The song was also performed by Rihanna at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show in 2023, where it resurged in popularity and went viral on social media as a dance challenge.

「Rude Boy」は、2010年にリリースされたバルバドスの歌手リアーナの4枚目のスタジオアルバム「Rated R」からの曲です。この曲は、リアーナ、エスター・ディーン、メイカバ・リディック、プロデューサーのRob Swireとスターゲイトによって共同で書かれました。「Rude Boy」のサウンドは、レゲエ、ダンスホール、R&Bの融合で、ラガマフィンの要素を取り入れています。

「Rude Boy」の歌詞は、リアーナがコントロールを取り、彼女の欲望を大胆に表現し、彼女のパートナーに追いつくように挑戦していることを描いています。この曲は、エンパワーメント、欲望、自信のテーマを絡み合わせ、音楽や文化において女性にとって伝統的に受け入れられている領域を再考しています。

「Rude Boy」は、リアーナのキャリアに大きな文化的影響と影響を与えました。それは米国ビルボードホット100で5週連続1位を獲得し、リアーナの6番目の米国ナンバーワンシングルとなりました。この曲は世界中で商業的に成功し、オーストラリアで1位を獲得し、いくつかの国でトップ5の位置を獲得しました。この曲の成功は、リアーナのキャリアにおける重要な瞬間を象徴し、彼女のグローバルポップアイコンとしての地位を固めました。この曲は、2023年のスーパーボウルLVIハーフタイムショーでもリアーナによって演奏され、人気が再燃し、ダンスチャレンジとしてソーシャルメディアで話題になりました。

03. Diamonds (2012)

“Diamonds” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her seventh studio album, “Unapologetic” (2012). The song was written by Sia Furler and produced by Benny Blanco and Stargate. It is a mid-tempo pop, electronic, and R&B ballad that features heavy synthesizers, orchestral sounds, and electronic rhythms. The lyrics of “Diamonds” serve as a departure from the themes of unhealthy relationships that were on Rihanna’s previous singles, portraying lovers as “diamonds in the sky”.

“Diamonds” had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It topped music charts in over twenty countries, including the United States, where it became Rihanna’s twelfth number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and tied her with Madonna and the Supremes for the fifth-most number-one singles in the chart’s history. The song was certified seven-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and sold over 3.5 million digital copies in the country. By May 2013, it had sold over 7.5 million copies worldwide. The song’s success solidified Rihanna’s status as a global pop icon and further established her as one of the best-selling artists of all time.

「Diamonds」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナの7枚目のスタジオアルバム「Unapologetic」(2012年)からの曲です。この曲は、Sia Furlerによって書かれ、Benny BlancoとStargateによって制作されました。重いシンセサイザー、オーケストラサウンド、電子リズムをフィーチャーしたミッドテンポのポップ、エレクトロニック、R&Bバラードです。「Diamonds」の歌詞は、リアーナの以前のシングルにあった不健康な関係のテーマから離れ、恋人を「空のダイヤモンド」として描いています。


02. We Found Love (2011)

“We Found Love” is a globally successful track by Barbadian singer Rihanna, featuring and produced by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. The song, an uptempo fusion of electro house, dance-pop, techno, and Europop, was released as the lead single from Rihanna’s sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk” in 2011.

The lyrics of “We Found Love” speak of a couple who “found love in a hopeless place,” exploring themes of relationships and addiction. The music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, portrays Rihanna as a thrill-seeker in a relationship spiraling into addiction and domestic violence.

The song had a significant cultural impact and influence on Rihanna’s career. It topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for ten non-consecutive weeks, becoming the longest-running number-one single of 2011. It also topped the charts in 25 other countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. As of 2015, the single has sold 10.5 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song’s success marked a turning point in Rihanna’s career and solidified her status as a global pop icon.

「We Found Love」は、スコットランドのDJカルヴィン・ハリスがフィーチャーしプロデュースした、バルバドスの歌手リアーナによる世界的に成功したトラックです。エレクトロハウス、ダンスポップ、テクノ、ユーロポップのアップテンポな融合であるこの曲は、2011年にリアーナの6枚目のスタジオアルバム「Talk That Talk」からのリードシングルとしてリリースされました。

「We Found Love」の歌詞は、「絶望的な場所で愛を見つけた」カップルについて語り、関係性と中毒のテーマを探求しています。メリナ・マツオカス監督のミュージックビデオでは、リアーナを中毒と家庭内暴力に巻き込まれる関係のスリルを求める人として描いています。


01. Umbrella (2007)

“Umbrella” is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna, featuring American rapper Jay-Z. It was released worldwide on March 29, 2007, as the lead single and opening track from her third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”. The song was co-written by Jay-Z and its producers, Tricky Stewart and Kuk Harrell, with additional writing contributions from The-Dream.

The song is a blend of pop, hip hop, and R&B genres. The lyrics of “Umbrella” are a metaphor for support and comfort, where Rihanna assures her lover that she will be there for him in good times and bad.

“Umbrella” had a significant cultural impact and was a global success, topping the charts in 17 countries. In the UK, it stayed atop the UK Singles Chart for 10 consecutive weeks, the longest run at number one for any single of that decade. In the US, it remained atop of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks.

The song’s success marked a turning point in Rihanna’s career, establishing her as a global pop icon. It has been covered by several notable performers across various musical genres, further attesting to its wide-reaching influence.

「Umbrella」は、バルバドスの歌手リアーナとアメリカのラッパージェイ・Zがフィーチャーした曲です。2007年3月29日に、彼女の3枚目のスタジオアルバム「Good Girl Gone Bad」からのリードシングル兼オープニングトラックとして世界中でリリースされました。この曲は、ジェイ・Zとそのプロデューサーであるトリッキー・スチュワート、クック・ハレルによって共同で書かれ、ザ・ドリームによる追加の執筆貢献がありました。





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