【Book Summary】 Maryanne Wolf – Proust and the Squid / メアリアン・ウルフ (著), 小松 淳子 (翻訳) – プルーストとイカ―読書は脳をどのように変えるのか?

“Proust and the Squid” is a captivating exploration of the science and history of reading. Authored by Maryanne Wolf, a reading expert, the book delves into how the human brain learned to read, from the invention of the first writing systems to our brain’s amazing capacity to rearrange itself. The book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the history of how human brains have learned to read. The second part explores the development of literacy skills as humans age. The third part investigates dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading despite normal intelligence. The title refers to Marcel Proust, known for his work “In Search of Lost Time”, and the squid, a subject of neuroscience research due to its unique neural development. The book covers various academic fields including neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, literature, archaeology, and education.



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